Door mats

*copy of noticeboard notice*
To all residents of Addison House

1st April 2021

Following a recent health & safety inspection of Addison House we have been advised to remove the Addison House door mats from the communal corridors within the building as such items may adversely affect the building safety and building insurance.

We have therefore removed all of the Addison House door mats for this reason.

If you have your own personal door mat outside the flat door this will need to be taken into your flat from today otherwise we may have to remove it.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding with this matter.

Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the building / house manager or HML by telephone or email, see notice board or reception, during weekday office hours ( excluding bank / public holidays ).

Please also note that the building / house manager will not be onsite over the bank / public holiday, returning on Tuesday 6th April. 

For emergencies please see the notice board adjacent to the lift on the ground floor.