Emergency Out Of Hours

** Out of Hours Emergencies ** 

In the event of an emergency outside of our office hours, please telephone the out of hours service on 0345 601 2422, quoting ‘HML Group’ followed by your buildings name & postcode. 

*For Internet (Fibre) outages see below.

This service is available from 5.30pm to 9.00am Mondayto Friday and 24 hours during weekends and bank holidays. 

The team will deal with all genuine emergencies; other non-urgent issues must be reported to our office on the next working day. Genuine emergencies will include: 

• Situations where substantial damage will be caused to a property if remedial works are not carried out before the next working day. 

• Situations where common parts suffer a loss of power or water (providing this is not due to the actions of the utility company supplying the property). 

• Situations where a substantial breach of security might occur if remedial repairs are not carried out before the next working day. 

The out of hours team will advise you if the situation you report is or is not covered by their out of hours service. Please note that they can only take action in respect of communal areas and communal services. If a problem arises that is a lessee’s responsibility, they may be able to recommend a contractor to assist you however this would be at your own expense.


Internet (Fibre)

Outages to the Hyperoptic internet is not managed or handled by the out-of-hours emergency service and is not classified as an emergency.

For more information relating to Hyperoptic please see the Internet (Fibre) page.


The out of hours service does not have access to any flat keys that might be held. Not all flat keys are held.

Out of hours and weekend availability to flat and/or building keys, if held, is not guaranteed.

In the event of a flat lockout out of hours you may have to contact your Landlord/Letting Agent or a locksmith for access.