New parking permits

Please note that new parking permits for leaseholders are being prepared and will be issued in due course.

Once issued All previous permits will be invalid.

See Facilities page for information on parking and note website pop up and emails regarding parking restrictions during the major works ( 10-14 weeks ) from 15 March 2021.

It is the responsibility of all contractors and visitors ( none permit holders ) to read and observe the parking notices displayed around the car park to avoid any parking notices from PDUK. Parking is strictly enforced and managed 24hrs.

Door mats

*copy of noticeboard notice*
To all residents of Addison House

1st April 2021

Following a recent health & safety inspection of Addison House we have been advised to remove the Addison House door mats from the communal corridors within the building as such items may adversely affect the building safety and building insurance.

We have therefore removed all of the Addison House door mats for this reason.

If you have your own personal door mat outside the flat door this will need to be taken into your flat from today otherwise we may have to remove it.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding with this matter.

Should you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact the building / house manager or HML by telephone or email, see notice board or reception, during weekday office hours ( excluding bank / public holidays ).

Please also note that the building / house manager will not be onsite over the bank / public holiday, returning on Tuesday 6th April. 

For emergencies please see the notice board adjacent to the lift on the ground floor.

Westminster parking space finder

Westminster Council in collaboration with RingGo have an online app to help motorists find available local parking spaces be they metered or resident parking.

A sample screenshot is shown below, this can be viewed as both a list or local map, outlining available spaces and how busy they are, all in real time.

For more information see (we have no affiliation to this external link) or visit the App Store for your mobile device.

Fibre optic broadband arriving at Addison House

Fibre optic broadband for Addison House

UPDATE February 2014: Hyperoptic fibre broadband is live at Addison House.  We’re now connected to the UK’s fastest home broadband service. The days of slow-downs, drop-outs and limits are over. This is broadband as it should be.
Order by 18 February for 3 months FREE service.

UPDATE September 2014: We did it!  Hyperoptic have received enough registrations of interest and are going ahead with the installation.  We’ll see the building wired up this coming weeks, however the go live date isn’t set until the fibre cable is brought from the street cabinet to the building.  If all goes well we should have the service available within the next 6-8 weeks.  For those that haven’t yet taken advantage of the free installation you still have a few more days to register your interest.

UPDATE August 2014: We’re well on our way to getting FTTB, however we do still need more residents to register their interest before a date for installation can be scheduled.  It only takes a few minutes – please visit to register now.

UPDATE July 2014: An invitation letter was sent out to all residents with information about the offer, benefits, and the next steps.

This summer Addison House is hoping to have fibre optic broadband installed by Hyperoptic. Each flat will be eligible to receive a new internet cable and faceplate connection point to their flat offering the choice to accept the fibre optic broadband service on offer from Hyperoptic.

Most importantly, whether you’re a tenant or home owner in order to be eligible for the free installation and no-obligation choice to receive this service, each flat must register their interest now. Registering to have the faceplate connection point at a later date will incur an installation cost of £240 with the provider, therefore you are strongly urged to take the free, no-obligation installation at this time and leave the decision to sign up for the service later.

Please note Addison House Residents Management Company are not recommending Hyperoptic or any other broadband provider. Our goal is to offer end users as much choice as possible and we agreed this would be a great opportunity for all the residents to have the choice of access to one of the fastest broadband services in the country. Any contract would be between you and Hyperoptic, with no involvement on the part of the buildings Management Committee, and you would be responsible for arranging any routers or cabling that may be needed inside your flat to access a particular service.

What action is required?

In order to ensure our building is connected, and at no cost, we need to register our interest now.

  • Please visit the website to register your interest now:
  • This is a one-off opportunity now to have the faceplate connection point installed for free, instead of the usual £200 call-out + £40 installation fee from the provider. There is absolutely no installation cost to you in the future if you do this now.
  • No obligation or commitment is being made at this time – simply an expression of interest that you wish to have the choice for true fibre optic broadband in the future. You don’t have to subscribe to the service ever if you don’t want to.
  • Registering your interest now and having the faceplate connection point installed only gives you an additional choice when your existing subscription comes up for renewal.
  • Current internet, phone and TV services are not affected by this.
  • The faceplate connection point can be installed at a location of your choosing.

Background to this provision

There has been a national project by BT, partly funded by the government, to provide faster broadband speeds to more people in the UK. Basic fibre broadband was originally planned to be available in our area following the 2012 London Olympics. Unfortunately, each time the planned date approaches the delivery is delayed by another six months. The most recent delivery date was set for March 2014, however, this has once again been delayed and there is no promise that Addison House will have the basic fibre broadband offered by BT any time soon.

Is ADSL fast enough?

The fastest speed currently available to Addison House residents is broadband via the telephone copper wire and is between 14 to 17 Mbps. This was enough for most people in the past but more services such as online communications (e.g. Skype, Google Hangouts, Internet SIP phones, etc), catch-up TV (e.g. BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player, etc) and other on demand services (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, etc) are being used, which means the maximum download speed we have limits use of those services today and in the future as more people start using these services.

You may also have noticed that although you are advised you are getting the maximum download speed, in reality your download speed often doesn’t reach the maximum speed you pay for. This is especially during ‘peak times’ when more people go online. For example you may notice that using services such as YouTube or iPlayer will be slow to start up and may freeze at times during playback.

Hyperoptic broadband

Hyperoptic is going to provide a fibre optic service directly to Addison House (specifically Fibre To The Building, FTTB, terminated at each flat with an ethernet port). This means you can have 1000 Mbps (1Gbps) download and upload speeds, around 60 times faster than existing download speeds available to us today.

To put this is the context of the national programme, the fibre optic service that has been repeatedly delayed would be Fibre To The Cabinet, FTTC, with a maximum speed offering of 76 Mbps. Additionally distance from the cabinet as well as too many users of the network during ‘peak times’ would still affect speed, hence all other providers will always talk of “UP TO” a certain download speed.

The offering from Hyperoptic is therefore 60 times faster than the best existing service, and 13 times faster than any potential broadband service that would be offered in our area in the foreseeable future.

Is Hyperoptic expensive?

Hyperoptic have agreed to connect our building and all the apartments for free if enough residents express their interest. While there is no obligation, they expect enough people will subscribe to their service to make it worth their while. They have also agreed to waive the usual faceplate installation fee of £200 call-out + £40 installation fee to each flat, however this is only applicable during the initial installation period.

Once the ethernet faceplate is installed you can choose to use the service or not. It is not compulsory and will not affect your existing services in any way.

Hyperoptic are offering Addison House residents a promotion on their packages. Current promotions available to residents who register their interest are as follows:

Broadband only Broadband & Phone (installation promotion) Broadband & Phone
(standard, monthly)
20 Mbps – ‘standard’ speed ​​​£20.00 £22.50 + free install £25.00 + £240 setup
100 Mbps – good for music, films and TV £30.00 £32.50 + free install £37.50 + £240 setup
1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) – the future, download
a movie in 30 seconds
£40.00 £42.50 + free install £62.50 + £240 setup

Note: promo pricing is for residents who register their interest now, and for a 24 month contract

How do I express my interest?

You can do so by providing your name, address and email:

Responsible recycling

Responsible recycling

The recycling facilities in the building must be used correctly in order to be effective.

Please only leave items that conform to the information provided on the leaflets near the recycling containers.  Further details of what you can recycle can be found on the City of Westminster services pages.

City of Westminster – What can I recycle?.

Please also be sure to place recyclable items inside the correct bin as this will help the building manager prepare for the collections and avoid others having to re-organise.