Recycling & Rubbish / Trash

Guidance for Recycling & Rubbish / Trash


a)   Put all recycling material loosely into the recycling bins provided; boxes, plastic bags & black sacks should not be used. Recycling bags are available via reception or Westminster Council.

b)   Flatten all boxes that you put into the recycling bin, including shoe boxes, gift boxes, etc.

c) Rinse and empty ALL glass bottles & jars before putting them into the recycling bin.

d)   If the recycling bin on your floor is full, please take your recycling to the large black recycling bin on the forecourt. Please DO NOT leave you recycling refuse on the floor next to the bins.

e)   Please DO NOT PUT the following in the recycling bin;

i)    Food – including pizza in pizza boxes

ii)    Plastic wrapping, plastic packaging & covers

iii)   Plastic Hangers

iv)   Clothes & shoes

v)    Any polystyrene

Recycling bags can be obtained from reception.

Please check the posters on the walls above the recycling bins to ensure that you only put recyclable items into the recycling bins.

General Household Rubbish / Refuse / Trash

a)   If the bins on your floor are full, please put your rubbish into the external paladins (large silver bins) in the bin storage area on the side of the building. Please DO NOT leave you household refuse on the floor next to the bins as this is a health hazard.

b)   Please ensure that you always tie the top of the bags that you put into the rubbish bins.

c) Please do not put glass bottles or jars into the rubbish / trash as it can break and cause serious injuries; instead empty and rinse all glass bottles and jars etc and then put them into the recycling bin.

d) Please do not put any liquids into the rubbish / trash, instead empty all liquids from containers before putting them into the rubbish.

e) Paint, varnishes and decorating materials are NOT to be put into rubbish / trash, they MUST be disposed of by your contractor.

Large objects and furniture are not to be left by the bins, on landings or in corridors as we cannot dispose of these items. You should contact / telephone Westminster Council to arrange a collection.

We trust that this conveys the urgent need for all residents to deal with their household refuse, large items & recycling responsibly, so as to avoid a health risk and the proliferation of vermin in the building.

Please do not hesitate to contact the building manager or HML should you have any queries regarding the above.

We thank you in anticipation of your cooperation in this regard.