Who is responsible for cleaning the block?

The Company employs cleaners to look after the communal areas of the building, remove rubbish and polish brass surfaces (such as door handles and kick plates). We ask that all residents help them to  do their job by keeping communal areas as clean as possible.  Please note that cleaners are there to look after the common parts and not the internal parts to your flat.

What are my responsibilities for the common hallways, stairways and lift (elevator)?

All leaseholders bear the cost of cleaning and repair, so it is in everyone’s interest to ensure the communal areas and the lift car are not dirtied or damaged.

Personal property such as prams may not be left in the common parts as they could block or impede entry or exit.  Such items could also be a risk in the case of fire and would infringe the buildings insurance.

It is important that care is taken to avoid damage to the interior surfaces and mirror, particularly when residents are carrying shopping or suitcases. Minors may not use the lift unless accompanied.

Please respect the weight requirements clearly specified on the lift and refrain from taking heavy items, furniture or soiled items in the lifts.

Window cleaning?

The cleaning of windows to your flat, outside as well as inside, is your own responsibility.

An acceptable noise level?

Residents  are entitled to “peaceably and quietly enjoy” living here. You should ensure that all noise, including radio, TV, music, etc, is contained within yout flat. (If you can hear your radio or TV in the next room in your own flat, then so can people next door, and directly as well as diagonally above and below!) Also noise from vacuuming, using tumble dryers, dishwashers and washing machines should be avoided in the late evenings. Close carpeting is required by lease and soft furnishings will help to deaden internal noise.

Noise in the common areas should be kept to a minimum, particularly by avoiding slamming doors, running or jumping.

It is courteous to advise your neighbours if you are planning to have an unusual number of people coming and going. Please also ensure that your guests arrive and leave quietly without disturbing neighbours along the walkways and stairs.

What  about pets?

Pets are in principal not allowed without permission from the managing agents.  Fish, budgies etc are normally permissible.  Every request to have a pet is dealt with on an individual basis by the Directors of the Freehold Company.  You may apply for permission for other pets when you purchase a flat.

Where may I smoke?

We operate a strict no smoking policy in the common parts of the block.  If you, your visitors or contractors must smoke then please do so inside your flat (taking care that smoke does not escape into the corridors) or outside of the building (please make sure you are well away from ground floor windows). Smoking is not permitted near to the building front door.

And now for the exciting bit… drains and waste pipes

The waste pipes and drains have been in place for some 90 years, and were not intended to cope with some aspects of modern living. They must be treated with respect.

Disposable nappies, sanitary towels incontinence pads, and all kinds of  “wetwipes”, must be wrapped and placed with normal rubbish. These, and paper towels etc. must NEVER be put in the toilet. If they, or any other fabric accidentally falls in, they must be taken out again; they should not be flushed away.
Cooking fats must not be poured down the sink or toilet; (liquid fats once cool can be put in a sealable container, hard fats allowed to solidify and wrapped in paper, and then placed in the rubbish).

As far as possible, rice and other foods should not be allowed to escape down the sink.

Paints and paint brush cleaners must not be poured down sinks, toilets, or outside drains. Again, find a suitable container to store them in, and consult with the caretaker about proper disposal.

Broken tiles and china and lumps of cement or old paint in the drains have all in the past caused blockages, flats invaded by sewage, at an expense to us all.

Please note

A detailed copy of the House Rules may be found on our house rules page.