House rules

House rules and sub-letting


The purpose of these rules is to protect the interests of all residents. Permission to sub-let any flat requires that the sub tenant agrees to be bound by these House Rules.

1.     Furniture or goods may only be taken in or out of the main building between the hours of 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Any exception to these times will require express written permission from HML. The passenger lift must not be used to move furniture. Please note that sub-tenants are only allowed to move their possessions into and out of the property from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm, and only when the porter is on duty. No other times are permitted.

2.     No music is to be played between the hours of 11.00pm and 8.00 am.

3.     Whenever music, radio, television or other audio devices are played, the noise level should not  be audible in neighbouring flats.

4.     Sub-tenants are not permitted to use the car park.

5.     No windows or lights belonging to the demised premises shall be stopped up, darkened or obstructed otherwise than by use of curtains or blinds.

6.     You, as well as the lessee, are responsible for regularly cleaning your windows and window coverings.

7.     Any refuse bin, which may be required shall be provided and maintained by the tenant and shall be kept within the demised premises and nowhere else. Carpets, dusters or other objects may not be beaten or shaken from windows or doors.

8.     Not to throw dirt, rubbish rags, oil or any harmful material or other refuse or permit the same to be thrown into the sinks, baths, lavatories, cisterns or waste or soil pipes.

9.     No laundry is to be displayed outside the property, either on balconies or outside doors.

10.  At no time to throw dirt, rubbish rag, food or food substances out of the windows or doors of the demised premises or main building.

11.  No name writing, signboard plate or placard of any kind shall be put on any door or in any window on the exterior of the demised premises or so as to be visible from the outside.

12.   No animal or bird shall be kept in the demised premises without previous consent of the Freeholder. Such consent given may be revoked at any time in the case of nuisance or disturbance to other residents.

13.   Tenants will be held financially responsible if found to have caused any damage to the lift or any common parts.

14.   Not to permit the improper use of the lifts and not to permit the use of lifts by children under the age of eight years, unless accompanied by an adult.

15.   Not to obstruct the public halls, stairways, corridors, passages and landings nor to use them for any other purposes than for ingress and egress from the demised premises.

16.   All areas outside the property itself must be kept clean and tidy and are not to be used for storing materials, household articles or any other items.

17.   Not to enter or use, except in the case of emergency, any of the roofs and stairs leading to the roofs.

18.   The tenant to accede to any reasonable request made by the Managing Agents which are in line with those responsibilities agreed by the owners of the property.

19.   Please ensure that the front door is closed securely at all times as problems have been experienced previously with sub-tenants locking the door open so that they can move in and out with suitcases etc.

20.   Please do not allow strangers to gain access to the building. Entry must be either via the door intercom system or with permission of the House Manager.

21.   At no time are you to wheel bicycles within or through the property, there is no provision for storage either outside or inside the common parts of the property. Bicycles are not permitted in the common parts of the property save that bicycles may only be carried through the property for the purposes of being stored in your Flat (provided you are authorised by the Flat-owner to do so), and always provided that you do not damage or dirty in any way the common parts of the property.

22. Bins for household refuse are located on each floor at the side staircase. Addison House is committed to supporting Westminster CC’s recycling programme, so please deposit all recyclable materials in the wheelie bin and comply with what may and may not be recycled. If the bin is full, please do not leave items alongside it. There is a large recycle bin at the car park entrance.