Rules about parking at Addison House and Matters concerning contractors

Car Park: Please note that Addison House car parking is patrolled and enforced 24/7. See notices displayed around the car park.

1. Nobody is allowed to park on yellow, hashed marked spaces.
2. Registered owners only are entitled to ONE parking permit, (one permit per flat), only one vehicle per flat is allowed to use the car park at anytime and that permitted vehicle parks on a first come first served basis, there is no guarantee to parking.
3. Permits are not transferable, rentable or to be used for let or gain.
4. Tenants or their visitors are not allowed to park at Addison House at anytime.
5. Taxi drop offs are allowed
6. Delivery drop offs: if there is a suitable space available and provided that the car is of a reasonable size in relation to the parking space available, deliveries lasting no more than 5-10 minutes are allowed. However the building manager will use his discretion during weekday working hours, Monday to Friday (08:00-17:00) ONLY, as to whether to allow the person to park or not. No delivery agents are allowed to park in such a way as to obstruct/block the entrance, exit or passage through the car park.
7. Vehicles of any type must not block the car park thoroughfare, park across parking bays or restrict valid permit holders from parking.

Contractors and Repairs Personnel.

Contractors can park along the wall on the left of the entrance provided that:

  1. The space against the wall at the entrance of the car park is available.
  2. The contractor parking is available Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm & Sat 8am – 2pm. No overnight, early morning or evening parking, see posted signs.
  3. HML/Addison House’s contractors will take precedence at all times.
  4. Contractor’s vehicles cannot park in or across resident’s parking spaces and bays or block the thoroughfare of the car park. The parking space bays are simply not big enough to accommodate a van of any size. Should there be a space big enough for a small van then it is left to the House Manager to decide if such a van can park or not.
  5. Contractors can temporarily park and offload if the contractor parking is unavailable however this is limited to 15 minutes and are still subject to the notices displayed around the car park.
  6. Contractor waste must be taken directly from the flat to the waiting waste collection vehicle or contractors vehicle and not be piled up in the car park. This vehicle must NOT block the car park and may have to park on the road if the space is unavailable.

It is the responsibility of the driver to read and follow ALL parking signs and notices displayed around the car park at all times.

The 24hr Car Park Management Company ( PDUK ) may, without notice 24hrs a day, 7 days a week,  issue a parking charge notice, directly or by mail to the registered keeper, for vehicles that do not follow the parking notices and rules.

Unfortunately we cannot comment on or help in matters relating to contractor(s) and none permit holder parking disputes, please refer to the appeal instructions on any infringement notices. 

Contractors: Their hours of work

  1. Contractors can have access to flats before 9.00am, however work can only start from 9.00am and no work is allowed after 5.00pm except in emergencies.
  2. Working hours are from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Saturdays from 9.00am to 2.00pm and no work is to be carried out on Sundays and Bank Holidays, except for an emergency. No out of hours or overnight parking.
  3. Construction works MUST be notified to HML for any approvals before commencing works.

We have cannot assist with offsite or roadside parking and you should contact Westminster Council for all such enquiries.

We regret that there is no parking available for tenants, however as with everywhere in London, meter parking is available in the roads adjacent to the block and, in addition residents may apply to Westminster City Council for a parking permit.

For information on local available parking see Local Westminster Parking

And the gardens?Addison House Gardens

The communal gardens are for the enjoyment of all residents and are shared with our neighbouring blocks, Circus Lodge and Elm Tree Court. When using the gardens, please keep noise to a minimum and refrain from playing ball games.  Also, remember that you may be overlooked by the flats facing the courtyard.

Current social distancing advice should be observed.

What television access is available?

The block has the facility for terrestrial and satellite TV through a common dish/aerial. There are analogue television outlets in all flats through which you can obtain Freeview channels if you have a digital TV receiver or via a Digi Box. We are able to supply cable television on a flat-by-flat basis and in addition, you may also receive pay TV channels though a BT telephone landline. Please contact the House Manager for more details.  Individual TV aerials and satellite dishes may not be erected by tenants.

What about deliveries?

Deliveries may be made to the block providing the flat owner is in-house to receive the delivery. All deliveries must be delivered to the recipients flat, no deliveries will be accepted or signed for by the building manager or reception staff at any time. Deliveries to the block are made at your own risk

What are the arrangements for recycling and household refuse?

This block encourages recycling and there is a specially marked recycling bin on every floor.  Please put recycling items into one of the recycling bins provided in the middle staircase of each floor. Alternatively if too large or the recycling bin is full you may place your recycling refuse straight into one of the two large black recycling bins near the entrance to the car park.

Please put household refuse in proper bin liners and place into one of the 3 black bins provided in the middle staircase of each floor. Alternatively you may place your bagged household refuse straight into the large silver paladins in the bin area off the forecourt near to the side / car park exit.

For the disposal of larger items such as white goods, flat owners must arrange a collection from the local authority.  Do not leave large items next to bins, near stairs or landings; it is your responsibility to have these items collected for disposal. Please contact the Porter or visit the Westminster City Council Household Bulky Waste page for more information.

For more information on recycling and rubbish / trash click here

And pests?

If you experience any problems with pests please contact the Building Manager immediately.  High density living means that pests may not be an isolated occurrence and can spread quickly.  We do not want a single occurrence to become an infestation.  We can all do our bit to minimise the occurrence of pests and that includes keeping our flats as clean as possible.

What about keys?

Please note that we do not hold keys for all flats in the building so may not have a key available for your flat.

Keys that are held in the secure key cupboard will not be given out to contractors/tradespeople/estate agents; they are held at your own risk for emergencies only and lockouts; subject to normal access availability during weekday office hours ( m-f 8am – 5pm).

The out of hours service does not have access to any flat keys that might be held. Not all flat keys are held.

Out of hours and weekend availability to flat keys, if held, is not guaranteed and in the event of a flat lockout out of hours you may have to contact your Landlord/Letting Agent or a locksmith for access.

Addison House Residents Management Company is a private limited company registered in England & Wales, under company number 05465782 and having its registered office at 94 Park Lane, Croydon, England, CR0 1JB