Safety and Security

Safety and security

How can I help keep the block safe and secure?

Please ensure you firmly close the entrance doors as well as any doors to the gardens. Do not admit strangers to the building. All visitors must gain access either by residents operating the door entry system or via the House Manager. The security of every resident depends upon access keys not falling into the wrong hands.

The Company restricts the issue of keys to bona fide residents, but cannot control what happens on change of tenancy or owner.  Leaseholders are expected to exercise rigorous control of the keys for which they are responsible. The House Manager is not authorised to keep leaseholders’ and residents’ keys. Residents may come to a private arrangement with him, but it is not appropriate to ask him to hold keys other than briefly.

For the security and safety of all residents, visitors, staff and contractors this block operates a CCTV system with hard drive recording.


You are advised to keep a small extinguisher or fire-blanket in your flat, and also to install smoke alarms. Each flat is issued with a fire escape route diagram. If this is missing please ask the House Manager for a replacement. In the event of an emergency please call the fire brigade (dial 999). Please give them the number of your flat, so that you can let them in via the entry-phone on arrival. After ringing the fire brigade let immediate neighbours know, and also the caretaker if this occurs during his working hours. Take the same action if you suspect that fire has broken out in a neighbouring flat.

Do not use the lift (elevator) in the event of a fire. The fire brigade will advise if evacuation is necessary.

The fire assembly point is on the opposite side of Grove End Road. Residents may only re-enter the building with the fire officer’s permission.

The roof is expressly out of bounds and dangerous. It is difficult and expensive to repair the waterproof membrane should it be damaged.

How can I arrange access to my flat in an emergency?

It is strongly recommended that leaseholders ensure HML know how to contact a responsible person for each flat in the event of an emergency within the building, (office and mobile phone numbers, e-mail address etc.) A second contact is also recommended. Please make sure that they have the current details in respect of your flat.

Water supply and leaks?

Water leaks can cause expensive damage. Please report any leaks to the House Manager or to HML.

How do I make an insurance claim?

Building Insurance is held by the Company and any query should be referred to HML Shaw. Essentially, it covers the fabric of the building and built-in fixtures and fittings. Any further insurance is the responsibility of the Leaseholder. If you need to make a claim please refer to the insurance claim procedure which can be obtained by contacting the managing agent or looking on the website for our block.